Montados is a recycled cork lid, able to seal containers of different sizes and materials. Closing them airtight is no problem with Montados grooves, contrary on both sides. There are three available sizes, which can be locked together.

Cork’s amazing material properties, such as the thermal insulation and a pleasant touchmake it the best material to use and allow it to work universally.


Moreover, it can also be used as a coaster or a union joint of two containers. To also cover bigger bowls, I Montados comes in three sizes. The different sizes can be put together to allow a playful approach and to make sure the combination of container and lid looks proportional. 

The grooves allow multiple fitting options.

My goal was to find a sustainable alternative for single-use aluminum and plastic foils. With Montados you can store any food with any container and just close it up!

supervised by Prof. Petra Kellner

Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-25 um
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Follow the progress of this project on Instagram! I am in the progress of getting it manufactured and on the market! Stay tuned!

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