Design news on sustainability

Sustainability is an important topic for me personally. So on top of making my own design projects become as sustainable

as possible, I also want to share other innovative, forward-thinking and eco-friendly products and materials to raise awareness and get more designers and companies to think of sustainability in their work and to reward them if they do!

Also, it is important to educate consumers (which we are all) and make them aware of the sustainable alternatives there are. So each time, we decide we really need a new product, we can look it up on Greendesigns_ !


We now have a platform on Instagram, Pinterest and soon on YouTube. I'm always open to feedback, additional info and would appreciate new followers and engagement! 

Greendesigns_ is my design blog on sustainable design and the latest material innovations.

Here you can find detailed descriptions, photos and links to the greenest designs today.

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If you are a design student, a designer or simply part of a company and you would like to be featured on my page,

don't hesitate to contact me via: !


I will get back to you, if I consider it to be sustainable, innovative, functional and clever. 

Also, you can let me know if there are any topics or specific brands you think would fit on my page as well!

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