Easy Flow

Easy Flow is a concept, that aims for a quick and intuitive people flow into and out of the train. It is important to make train ride as easy and enjoyable as possible, to ensure many people can use it instead of riding their car and create traffic jams and a lot of CO2. 


In order to make the process of getting in and out faster, we separated the entrances from the exits. Also, a diagonal wall in the entrance leads passengers in one direction, which releases them from having to choose a side and wasting time. Inside the train, there are benches on both sides and open space in the middle, therefore people can get through the train more easily. 


To make each train line intuitively recognizable, the specific color is being displayed through lights, which you can see at the outside and the inside. 

in collaboration with Philip Landgrebe

supervised by Prof. Peter Eckart

in collaboration with Deutsche Bahn and RMV

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