This stool is made out of the natural recycled cork, which makes it comfortable and lightweight. Since the material can be recycled an infinite amount of times and without using any binders, it is a really sustainable material. Moreover, through using cork, we can help the small family-industries in Portugal, that carefully harvest it without causing harm to the forest and trees. 


The goal was to find a subtle shape to make it look elegant, use as little material as, while ensuring it to be stable at the same time. Also, the form is supposed to create an subconscious association to common the ordinary shape of stools.

Turned upside down, it can be used as a coffee table by putting a plate in the groove. This coffee table fits together perfectly with a cork stool, that is upright. The plates could be made of recycled plastic, glass or out of wood. Each material would transfer a different vibe and could be used in different environments.


There are many ways to assemble cork stools and cork coffee tables to create a seating area, that is both, sociable and sustainable. 

By doing that, small areas between the stools appear, which create place to put newspaper, magazines, and other things, which is why it would be a great fit for a waiting room.

unsupervised project

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